La Pacheca
Rock Bar

Lazise - Garda Lake

Interest in a certain lifestyle and desire to have fun with your work ... this is what prompted the Twins to open the Pacheca Rock Bar on Lake Garda in Lazise ... Come and visit us to spend an evening of fun together!

La Pacheca<br>Rock Bar
Lazise - Garda Lake

Pacheca Rock Bar

The authentic style and the powerful Harley Davidson have filled us with enthusiasm, a great passion for two wheels and many kilometers on the bike are the beginning of the story of "La Pacheca" where good music and great food are ever present toghether with travel companions to share passions and tastes.

"La Pacheca" is a sort of club house, which allows bikers on tour or local friends to stop for a refreshment or a chat in a friendly environment that embraces the passions of many two-wheel lovers.

La Pacheca

Meeting point.

Lovato family and the Twins will be happy to spend some time with you, with the sympathy and uniqueness that has distinguished them for decades in the sector.

The new meeting point for your moments of fun! I GEMELLI are waiting for you at PACHECA, the ROCK BAR in Lazise!