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Moto Pearà
By adm_pacheca / 1 November 2020

Moto Pearà

The temperatures begin to drop and to warm us up a little we offer you the MUST for a VERONESE DOC! PEARÀ! Sunday 08 November 2020 we are waiting for you to taste this fantastic dish! Starting at 07.00 (you read that right, in the morning) MOTO PEARÀ della PACHECA ...

Aperitivo in musica al Pachekito!
By adm_pacheca / 10 October 2020

Aperitif in music at Pachekito!

New appointment for our APERITIF in MUSIC in EL PACHEKITO! We are waiting for you on SATURDAY 17 October, starting from 18.00! Guests of the evening Intrigo Rock Italiano! The band has a very specific goal, "intrigue", and it does so by concretizing a mix of elements between ...

In volo con gli Angeli alla Pacheca Rock Bar
By adm_pacheca / 20 September 2020

Flying with the Angels at the Pacheca Rock Bar

SATURDAY 26th September 2020 We are waiting for you for a friendly meeting at the Pacheca Rock Bar 1.00 pm Meeting in CLUB HOUSE in via Bionde n. 61 - Chievo Verona (VR) 2.00 pm MOTOGIRO departure 3.00 pm Arrival and meeting in friendship at the Pacheca Rock ...